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Evening Language Course:
ESL for Health Care Professionals.

Levels offered:
Intermediate to advanced.
From September 27th to November 20th, 2018.
Thursday, from 6:00 PM to 8:30 PM.

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Préparation au TOEIC®
(Test of English for International Communication)

Through registering in this course, you will greatly enhance your communication skills in English language in professional contexts or in situations involving international relations. You will also acquire numerous test-taking strategies and tips to be better equipped when you take the official TOEIC examination at the end of this course.

A Plus for your CV

As a non-English speaker, you will enhance the value of your CV with a precise, recognized appraisal of your level of mastery of the English language.

Description of the Test

The TOEIC comprises 200 multiple-choice questions. It is divided into two parts:

Section 1 - Listening (42 minutes)

  1. Photographs (20 questions)
  2. Question-Response (30 questions)
  3. Short Conversations (30 questions)
  4. Short Talks (20 questions)

Section 2 - Reading (68 minutes)

  1. Incomplete sentences (40 questions)
  2. Error Recognition (20 questions)
  3. Reading (40 questions)

Test questions are designed to be relevant to situations requiring international communication, to exchanges of a professional nature and to the demands of everyday corporate life.

Precise Results

The TOEIC is not a test resulting in success or failure, but a proficiency-level test measuring and validating acquired competencies on a continuous scale from 0 to 990 points.

TOEIC Certificate

Upon completing this course, you will receive an official certificate. The internationally recognized TOEIC certificate enhances your level of competency in English and displays:

  • your family name and first name
  • the number of points obtained in oral comprehension
  • the number of points obtained in written comprehension
  • your overall result
  • the name of the institution where you completed the TOEIC: UQAM University
  • the date of the test

The TOEIC is a product of the Teaching Testing Service (ETS®), a leader in the design of psychometric tests like the SAT, the TFI and the TOEFL tests.

For further information on the TOEIC, visit the following Website: www.toeic.ca

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