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Tailor-made Language Courses


Evening Language Course:
ESL for Health Care Professionals.

Levels offered:
Intermediate to advanced.
From September 27th to November 20th, 2018.
Thursday, from 6:00 PM to 8:30 PM.

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A rich and varied language learning experience

Languages offered:

French (first-language or foreign-language), English (first or foreign-language), Spanish. Other languages upon request.

Learning and Evaluation

"[…] in October 2008, the steering committee[*] recommended "the use of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages : Learning, Teaching, Assessment (CEFR) in the Canadian context as the framework of reference for the Council of Ministers of Education, Canada (CMEC), and jurisdictional projects, programs, and initiatives related to second and additional languages […]". (Source : Guide for policy-makers and curriculum designers, January 2010)

*This steering committee constitute the working group which have been charged to define the steps in elaborating a common framework of reference for language learning and to develop the said framewok.

Self-assessment grid

Considering today people mobility and the constant increasing number of multilingual immigrants arriving in the province of Quebec, the CEFR is the tool chosen by academic institutions wishing to help their clienteles in developing different language skills.

Courses offered in UQAM, in businesses or in other organizations

  • Grammaire française — écrite et parlée (French Grammar — Written and Spoken) (for allophones)
  • Grammaire française — révision et consolidation (French Grammar — Revision and Consolidation) (for francophones)
  • French: Communication écrite efficace (Effective Written Communication)
  • English Conversation
  • English Writing
  • Spanish for Beginners
  • Spanish for Beginners 2

Training formulas available

  • Private training sessions (one-on-one)
  • Semi-private training sessions (2 participants)
  • Small-group training sessions (3 to 12 participants)

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