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Evening Language Course:
ESL for Health Care Professionals.

Levels offered:
Intermediate to advanced.
From September 27th to November 20th, 2018.
Thursday, from 6:00 PM to 8:30 PM.

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Useful Information

Instructors / Consultants:

All of our instructors are university-trained, with teaching degrees in their mother tongue (first-language and/or foreign-language), They also all have considerable experience teaching adults in a professional milieu.

Training Program Content:

Each training program includes :

  1. a placement test (oral and/or written) for each participant;
  2. adaptation or design of the training program;
  3. the training;
  4. educational advice and support;
  5. continuous administrative and educational follow-up;
  6. a detailed end-of-training report for each participant;
  7. a certificate of training and evaluation for each participant.

Teaching Aids:

Teaching aids are distributed to participants at the start of each training sessions: course plans, course manuals, audio-visual aids, etc.

Location of Courses:

In-house at your company*, or at our Language Services Center situated on UQAM's main campus (Berri-UQAM metro station).

* Location : Downtown Montreal, served by Montreal Metro. If the locale falls outside the territory served by the Metro, use of taxis from the nearest Metro station. Travel costs are the company's responsibility.

Course Schedule:

From Monday to Friday between 8 :00 a.m. and 8 :00 p.m. The number of hours per week will depend on the length of the training program and participant availability. Weekend workshops are a possibility.

Course Postponement:

Depends on the terms of each agreement.

The Quebec Act Fostering the Development of Manpower Training (Law 90):

The " Formation en entreprise " of UQAM’s Language Services is registered with Employment Quebec. All funds invested in our training activities fall within the scope of Law 90’s “1%” provision.

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